The North Central Region was established in the year 1994 and covers the seven states from Wisconsin to Wyoming.  The CLC movement in this Region has support from the Wisconsin Province of the Society of Jesus.  Since there were 15 adult communities in Omaha at the time of the regionalization of CLC-USA, the Regional Coordinating Council is situated in Omaha.


Regional Coordinating Council

Some of the functions of the Regional Coordinating Council are the following:  to preserve the integrity of the local CLC communities; to foster the growth of the CLC movement in the Region; to keep a roster of members in the Region; to create and distribute the Regional Newsletter to members; to supervise the annual, regional meeting; to act as a liaison with the national and international community; to oversee the financial support of the movement; to support the efforts of the Regional Assistant in initiating new communities.  One of the primary missions of the members of CLC is to assist in the forming of new communities and supporting them in the early years of their existence.



In addition to regional events, a given area (city or state) may have joint events with others in a “cluster” of communities, e.g., a day of recollection in the Twin Cities area.


Contact Persons

The current contact persons for this Region are listed below under “For More Information.”