eJay Terms of Use
eJay's purpose is bring the Creighton community together to facilitate the buying, selling, and trading of items. The following terms of use must be adhered to by all eJay users, and Creighton University reserves the right to amend these terms of use and post such changes at any time.
Creighton University makes no expressed or implied warranty regarding the quality, weight, size, or description of items posted for sale on the eJay website. All descriptions of property are the responsibility of the parties selling such property.
» eJay users indemnify Creighton University from any loss of profit or any damages resulting from a transaction facilitated by this website.
» Creighton University and eJay users are independent parties, and no direct relationship is created by the use of this website.
» Only parties with a email address in the Creighton "Blue" domain may register to sell items on the website. Account owners may not transfer or sell accounts to other parties.
» All transactions are conducted between the buyer and seller. Creighton University is not responsible for the quality, safety, or legality of the items advertised, the truth of product or service descriptions, or disputes between the buyer and seller. Users of eJay agree that Creighton University is released from any claims or damages resulting from a transaction dispute.
» Creighton University may remove at any time items deemed inappropriate for the eJay website.
» Users of the eJay website assume all risks of dealing with people acting under false pretense, and are responsible for utilizing caution and safe practice when conducting transactions facilitated via the internet.
» Sellers must be legally able to sell items listed for sale under their names.
» Sellers are responsible for the information regarding themselves that are provided to the eJay website via the registration process, and the eJay website is solely a medium with which to display that information.
» Creighton University does not control descriptions displayed on the website, and assumes no responsibility for information thought to be offensive, inaccurate, or deceptive.
» Creighton University reserves the right to remove any eJay user who breaches the eJay terms of use.
Creighton University cannot be held liable for any losses incurred through use of eJay. Use eJay at your own risk.