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The Creighton Association for Human Resources (CAHR), the student chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), is an interdisciplinary student organization for students interested in the area of human resources. As members of CAHR, students have the opportunity to learn about human resources (HR) by shadowing and n CAHR: Executive Board
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Creighton Association for Human Resources


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The 2007-2008 Executive Board members are:
President: Sara Pruitt   Co-Vice Presidents: Polly Pillen & Nicholas Goulette
  • SaraPruitt@creighton.edu
  • pollypillen@creighton.edu & nicholasgoulette@creighton.edu
Secretary: Erin Gambee   Treasurer: Natasha Adams
  • Eringambee@creighton.edu
  • natashaadams@creighton.edu


etworking with HR professionals, gaining internships, and attending monthly meetings with HR professionals in the Human Resource Association of the Midlands (HRAM), a regional chapter of SHRM. On occasion, CAHR members also interact with members of other student chapters within the area. CAHR has also supported students attending the national HR conference. Additionally, one CAHR member a year is awarded a scholarship to attend the short course to prepare for the professional HR certification exam.

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