Untitled CAHR: What is It?
What is CAHR?
Creighton Association for Human Resources


What is CAHR?

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CAHR is an interdisciplinary organization for students interested in the area of human resources. Benefits of being a member include:

  • Opportunity to meet human resources professionals
  • Access to HRAM (Human Resource Association of the Midlands) directory to send your résumé to prospective employers
  • Receive monthly issue of Human Resources Magazine
  • Attend speaker meetings that discuss issues such as discrimination, interviewing, résumés, and career opportunities
  • Eligibility to receive a scholarship that covers the examination fee for taking the PHR or SPHR certification exam
  • Hear about available internships and job openings
  • Tour local companies
  • Job shadowing opportunities
  • Networking: make connections that will put you ahead of others in the job market

Our objectives for the 2007-2008 academic year were:

  1. Bring the association back to active status
  2. Increase membership by 25% by the end of spring semester 2008
  3. Invite speakers to CAHR's monthly meetings that appeal to and benefit a wide range of students, not just those in HR fields 
  4. To educate students about human resource practices
  5. Organize and successfully run HR games with other local universities.