How To Volunteer

Anyone Can Be a Volunteer

Campus Kitchen at Creighton University depends upon student, faculty, and staff volunteers. Anyone at Creighton is welcome and encouraged to volunteer for Campus Kitchen.



Campus Kitchen at Creighton University accepts volunteers; whether they want to volunteer once a semester, once a month, or once a week; all are welcome.

Student Group Service

Campus Kitchen at Creighton University is a great way to get your student organization involved with service. 10-15 volunteers are needed a weekend, so whether it is just you and a friend or a whole student organization, Campus Kitchen is right for you.


Serving Times

Volunteer times at Campus Kitchen at Creighton are 2:00-4:00 PM every Saturday of the year.


Delivering Meals

The actual service you do is delivering the already prepared meals to senior citizens in the East Park Tower. Typically a 15-30 minute conversation accompanies the delivery of the meals. This is a great way to interact with the elderly of the community who rarely get visitors and are always thrilled to sit down and have a conversation.


How to Sign Up for a Volunteer Time

Download the short volunteer form and send it via e-mail to Rachel Inouye.

Volunteer Form Download

Additionally you can sign up to be placed on the Campus Kitchen at Creighton University ListServe to receive updates and opportunities to serve others. (Donít worry, we donít spam!)

Campus Kitchen Listserve