Leadership Team

Campus Kitchen at Creighton is lead by a team of 7-10 students. Leadership team members are selected by current members of the team and must undergo an application process. Positions are then granted by election within the team.


Leadership Team Purpose


The Leadership Team provides students with the opportunity to take on a position of higher responsibility and leadership in the weekly operations of the Campus Kitchen at Creighton University.  Students will take an active role in everyday activities, as well as in the growth and continuation of the Campus Kitchen, while simultaneously learning the basics of non-profit management and organizational structure.


Leadership Team Roles


Coordinator: Dee Kimata (e-mail)

Leadership of leadership team, focus on growth and future of program, community relations, national relations

Co-Coordinator : Tracy Sieck (e-mail)

Leadership of leadership team, organization of fundraiser, programs

Financial Secretary: Damian Baalmann (e-mail) Joseph de Guzman (e-mail)

Organize finances and bank account, take minutes at meetings, distribute reminders and duties

Volunteer Coordinator: Rachel Inouye (e-mail)

Organize volunteers for each meal delivery, provide information to volunteer requirements

Internal Coordinator: Heather Robertson (e-mail)

 Organize all things on campus, including dining services

External Food Resource Coordinator: Camille Clare (e-mail)

Corresponds with the Omaha Food Bank and other food providers

External Agency Coordinator: Michael Kulig (e-mail)

Corresponds with client agencies and client relations


Responsibilities of Leadership Team Members

  • Volunteer Recruitment: encourage and train new volunteers
  • Public Relations: promote the work of the Campus Kitchen on campus and in the community
  • Special Events: organize activities throughout the year to involve the campus-wide community
  • Fundraising: assist in raising funds to support the work of the Campus Kitchen
  • Food Resourcing: assist in maintaining and expanding food pick-ups
  • Leadership Team Meetings: attend one meeting weekly
  • Serving Shifts: lead or co-lead at least two serving shifts a month
  • 1-Year Commitment: Leadership Team members are asked to serve for at least one renewable year
  • Committee Responsibilities: Leadership Team members will perform their committee responsibilities as needed

The Leadership Team is not only responsibilities!  There are lots of accomplishments and opportunities that go along with this project.  It is a great way to build your résumé, learn outside of the classroom, get involved in the community, meet people, and make a difference.


The Application Process


Interested in Joining the Leadership Team?

Each candidate is responsible for completing an application and scheduling one 15 minutes interview with the Campus Kitchen Leadership Team.


Application Download


Any questions concerning the application process can be answered by Dee Kimata (e-mail).