2007-2008 Execs

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Name: Melissa Patterson

Position: Moderator

Job Title: Resident Director

(Kenefick Hall)

Phone: (402) 546-6301

                                                Email: MelissaPatterson@creighton.edu



Name: Jamal E. Jackson

AKA Mr. President

Position: President

Sophomore Business Law Student

                                                      Email: JamalJackson@creighton.edu



Name: Jesse Hill

Position: VP of Student Advocacy

Senior Organizational

Management Major

Email: JesseHill@creighton.edu



Name: Mehgan Nolan

Position: VP of Public Relations

Sophomore Nursing Student

Email: man93872@creighton.edu




Name: Michael Beverly Jr.

AKA Mike Bev

Position: Treasurer

Sophomore Business Law Student

Email: MichaelBeverly@creighton.edu




Name: Sarina Coles

Position: Secretary

Junior Business Marketing Major

                                                        Email: SarinaColes@creighton.edu



Name: Erica Stewart

Position: Historian

Sophomore Pre-Med/Biology Major

                                                      Email: EricaStewart@creighton.edu



Name: TeAnna Strickland

Position: President Pro Tem

Senior Nursing Student

Email: TeAnnaStrickland@creighton.edu



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