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CUASA Exec Meeting

July 15, 2007



I.                  Back To School Bash

a.     Saturday, August 11, 2007

b.     Bowling and Famous Daves (times to be announced)

c.      Reason:

                                                             i.      To have fun and meet the incoming freshman so they don’t feel so out of place come welcome week

                                                           ii.      To come together and fellowship with each other and start the year off right

II.               Letters to Incoming Freshman

a.     If anyone is still interested in doing this the letters need to be completed ASAP.

b.     Postcards are also acceptable

III.           Website

a.     Class offered at DOIT in the area of website design

b.     I encourage everyone to take the class

c.      About 15 minutes just set up an appointment with DOIT

d.     Mehgan Nolan, Jamal Jackson, Sarina Coles are probably taking it Tomorrow (Tuesday around 11 a.m.)

e.      Myspace Page and Facebook page will be made

IV.           Car Wash

a.     Saturday, September 1, 2007

b.     Burger King or McDonalds on 30th and Ames (Reservations by Sarina)

c.      $3 Cars, $5 Trucks, and Donations

V.               Beginning of The Year Picnic

a.     September 8, 2007

b.     12:00 p.m. in the Opus Grassy Area/Opus Atruim (Reservations by TeAnna)

c.      Invitees (Calls and Letters by Mike Bev):

                                                             i.      Current CUASA members

                                                           ii.      Black Staff and Faculty

                                                        iii.      Alumni CUASA members still residing in the Omaha area

d.     Food (Jesse Hill and Erica Stewart)

VI.           “Am I My Brother’s Keeper Conference”

a.     University of Kansas

b.     Thursday October 25 – Saturday October 27

c.      All Male Conference

d.     Registration: $135 per person (roughly 14 people = $1,890)

e.      Hotel: $80 a night at Econo Lodge (roughly 7 rooms = $1,120)

f.       Gas: roughly $200

g.     Total of around $3,210

h.     Jamal Jackson is filling out a Leadership grant to fund the conference

i.       Jesse Hill: Hotel Reservations

VII.        African American Youth Conference

a.     Thursday November 15 – Sunday November 18

b.     75 Students from Omaha and surrounding states

c.      Out of town participants and select local seniors will be allowed to reside on campus for the duration of the conference

d.     Tentative Schedule is in the works and will be sent out ASAP

e.      Mehgan Nolan contact Helen Fountain

VIII.    Gospel Fest

a.     December 5, 2007

b.     Ballroom/ Lied Performing Arts Center/ or Morningstar Baptist Church

c.      Mehgan Nolan in charge of this event

d.     Invitations sent out in September

IX.           Big XII Conference

a.     Oklahoma State University

b.     February 14 – February 17, 2008

c.      TeAnna/ Sarina in charge of Registration

d.     Roughly 3,500 to attend

e.      Mike Bev check on charter Buses with Melissa

X.               Newspapers

a.     Mike Bev call Omaha World Harold

XI.           Soul Food Dinner

a.     Sunday February 24, 2008

b.     6:30 – 8:30

c.      Theme: Mardi Gras

d.     Committee Leaders:

                                                             i.      Decorations: Mehgan Nolan

                                                           ii.      Food: Jamal

                                                        iii.      Entertainment: Mike Bev and Jesse Hill

                                                        iv.      Advertisement: Sarina Coles

e.      Ballroom already reserved for that Saturday and Sunday for set up

XII.        End of the year Trip

a.     Family Reunion with college’s Black Student Unions in surrounding States

b.     Location: Missouri Western State College (2 hours away)

c.      Moses Fields from Missouri is over this

d.     End of March/ Beginning of April

XIII.    Step Show

a.     April 19, 2008

b.     Civic Center, Orpheum Theater, or Lied Performing Arts Center