Daily Prayer

Love consists in sharing
what one has
and what one is
with those one loves.

Love ought to show itself
in deeds
more than in words.

 - St. Ignatius of Loyola


For over 450 years Jesuit priests and brothers have lived an amazing story of serving the Church in new and unexpected ways. We are still men on the move, ready to change place, occupation, method--whatever will advance our mission in the Church. We are expected to do anything or go anywhere to teach Jesus Christ and preach his Good News.
Today that “we” has expanded to include men and women who share this vision of service to faith and to the justice that faith demands. Together Jesuits and lay partners place ourselves in the presence of the God who created all people and ask ourselves the questions that St. Ignatius suggested to his first companions during the period of prayer that led to their permanent companionship:

What have I done for Christ?

What am I doing for Christ?

What will I do for Christ?

For vocation guidance at Creighton Universtiy please contact
Rev. Richard Hauser, S.J.

or call him at 402-280-3010, or contact any Jesuit on this site.
They’ll be pleased and honored to discuss what is closest to their hearts.




Fr. Tom Lawler, S.J.

As Vocation Director for the Jesuits of the upper Midwest states (we call the region the Wisconsin Province), my ministry is to assist young men in listening and responding to the call of the Lord to serve the Church “for the greater glory of God” in the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits).

I feel blessed to meet so many gifted and faith-filled young people who seek a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Christ. Through prayer and conversation, we explore the possibility of a life of committed service as a Jesuit priest or brother.
If you are interested in learning more about the Jesuits, or feel a call from the Lord to investigate this pathway for your own life, please feel free to contact me.
Fr. Tom Lawler, S.J.
P.O. Box 080288
3400 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53208-0288
800-537-3736, ext. 231 (o)
414-937-6949, ext. 231 (o)