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College Departments & Programs

The College functions as a unit in matters of instructional and research activities. The College consists of academic departments, which are not autonomous subdivisions. Matters of curriculum design, academic content, and execution of teaching responsibilities and research activities require the approval of the Dean, acting upon the recommendation of the Faculty of the department concerned. In cases where the Dean believes that the proposed actions have important ramifications for the College as a whole, the Dean may refer them to an appropriate committee of the Faculty Senate for its counsel (Revised By-Laws of the College of Arts & Sciences).


Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Chair: Joseph A. Zehnder
Department Office: Hixson-Lied Science Building, Room 504
Professors: J. Zehnder;
Professor Emeritus: A. Douglas;
Associate Professor: J. Schrage;
Assistant Professor: J. Martinelli.

The Atmospheric Sciences Major introduces students to a wide range of scientific inquiry relative to the earth's atmosphere. A broad set of courses are offered in weather analysis, forecasting, atmospheric dynamics and numerical weather forecasting. The major is available through two degree options. The first option, the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree, requires a set of courses which in part fulfills employment requirements for the National Weather Service and other branches of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The second degree option, the Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Sciences degree (B.S.Ats.) prepares students for graduate studies and research fields within the Atmospheric Sciences. Website...

Department of Biology

Chair: Mark Reedy
Department Office: Hixson-Lied Science Building, Room 448
Professors: T. Burk, J. Platz, J. Schalles; Professors Emeriti: R. Belknap, H. Nickla, A. Schlesinger
Associate Professor: A. Cullum, M. Reedy, M. Vinton; Associate Professor Emerita: J. Roberts
Assistant Professors: C. Austerberry, C. Brockhouse, S. Cho, C. Fassbinder-Orth, A. Shibata, K. van Dijk

The Creighton Biology Department offers foundational and advanced courses across major subdisciplines of biology. Lecture and lab experiences are grounded in first principles. Modern facilities, faculty active in research and a committment to mentoring students all contribute to a rich environment for developing a sound foundation in life science and opportunities to participate in original research. Website...

Department of Chemistry

Chair: HollyAnn Harris
Department Office: Hixson-Lied Science Building, Room 268
Professors: M. Hulce, B. Mattson
Associate Professors: D. Dobberpuhl, M. Freitag, H. Harris, F. Klein, G. Michels, J. Soukup; Associate Professors Emeriti: R. Snipp, D. Zebolsky
Assistant Professors: M. Anderson, J. Fletcher, E. Gross, S. Gross, E. Haas, M. Miller, B. Parsons

The Chemistry Department at Creighton University is certified by the American Chemical Society (ACS) and offers four degree choices: an ACS-certified major with tracks in Chemistry or Biochemistry, a comprehensive (but not certified) major, and a major designed for students who are interested in teaching high school chemistry. Website...

Department of Classical & Near Eastern Studies

Interim Chair: Christina Clark
Department Office: Humanities Center, Room 303
Professors: L. Greenspoon, R. Simkins (secondary appointment),W. Stephens (secondary appointment)
Associate Professors: G. Bakewell, C. Clark, G. Bucher, M. Habash, J. Hause (secondary appointment), K. Thomas

The Department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies develops diverse perspectives and understandings through the study of ancient languages (Greek, Latin, Arabic, and Hebrew), literatures, and cultures. This study yields analytical, critical and creative insights as students encounter and respond to written works and material culture of Greece, Rome, and the Near East. Website...

Department of Communication Studies

Chair: Erika Kirby
Department Office: Hitchcock Communication Arts Building, Room 307
Professors: M. Danielson, E. Kirby
Associate Professors: M. Birkholt, D. Pawlowski, S. Shuler
Assistant Professors: K. Hatfield, J. Leighter, C. McBride

As a discipline, Communication Studies seeks to further communication competencies through theoretical grounding and practical applications of that knowledge. Communication is examined in a variety of contexts, including interpersonal relationships, families, small groups, organizations, media and popular culture, between cultures and in the public sphere. Communication is examined through many perspectives, including quantitative, qualitative, and rhetorical studies. Website...

Department of Computer Science

Chair: Robert Kennedy
Department Office: Old Gym, Room 209
Professors: D. Malik (secondary appointment), P. Nair
Associate Professors: James Carlson (secondary appointment), D. Reed, M. Wierman

Computer science is a broad field that encompasses the study of computation and problem-solving, including the design and analysis algorithms, the formalization of algorithms as programs, the development of computational devices for executing those programs, and the networking of devices in order to share resources and computational power. Grounded in the liberal arts, the Department of Computer Science emphasizes critical thinking, communication skills, and breadth of knowledge in preparing its graduates for dynamic careers and continued professional growth. Website...

Department of Education

Chair: Sharon Ishii-Jordan
Associate Chair: Timothy J. Cook
Director of Secondary Education: Thomas A. Simonds, S.J.
Director of Elementary Education: Lynn E. Olson
Director of Counselor Education: Debra Ponec
Director of Educational Leadership: W. Patrick Durow
Department Office: Hitchcock Communication Arts Building, Room 106
Professor: B. Brock, T. Dickel, L. Houtz; Professor Emeritus: E. O’Connor
Associate Professors: T. Cook, B. Doyle, S. Ishii-Jordan, D. Ponec, J. Smith
Assistant Professors: P. Durow, L. Olson, T. Simonds, S.J.

The Education Department develops "Effective Leaders in the Jesuit Tradition" who will work toward the optimal learning of every student. The programs integrate Jesuit charisms, technology, cultural issues, and authentic assessments. There are two undergraduate programs: elementary education (major) and secondary education (co-major); six graduate programs: M.Ed. (majors: elementary, secondary), Magis (secondary); M.S. in educational leadership (elementary or secondary), school counseling (elementary or secondary), and special populations; and undergraduate/graduate endorsements in ESL and special education. Website...

Department of English

Chair: Robert Whipple, Jr.
Department Office: Creighton Hall - Administration Building, 134A
Professors: N. Chiwengo, B. Keegan, B. Spencer, G. Zacharias; Professor Emeriti: R. Garcia, J. Karabatsos
Associate Professors: S. Aizenberg, R. Dornsife, F. Fajado-Acosta, D. Gardiner, M.H.Stefaniak, R. Whipple; Associate Professor Emeriti: N. Fogarty, T. Kuhlman, C. Stein, M. Sundermeier
Assistant Professors: R. Churchill, N. Ha, J. Ladino, G. Merys, K. Rettig, B. Stafford, J. Walter

In accordance with the character and goals of Creighton University, the Department of English and the programs it offers promote the intellectual, spiritual, and professional growth of Creighton students through the study of the English language; American, British, and Irish literature; World, Ethnic, Women's and Minority literature; Creative Writing and the Language Arts. English major programs provide graduates with a solid knowledge of their field, critical thinking and writing skills, and the values and ethical background necessary for becoming active, productive, and successful members of society. A training in English at Creighton endows a graduate with a well-rounded education, a broad perspective on human issues, a tolerant and respectful attitude toward diversity, and an approach to work and human interactions based on love, kindness, and commitment to service to the human community. Website...

Department of Exercise Science

Chair: Thomas Baechle
Department Office: Kiewit Fitness Center, Room 225
Professors: T. Baechle, J. Eckerson
Associate Professors: A. Bull, G. Lambert

The Department of Exercise Science offers Bachelor of Science degree programs in Exercise Science. The Exercise Science major prepares students for careers in several health-fitness fields such as corporate/community/commercial fitness, personal training, and strength training and conditioning. This major is also an attractive option for students seeking an advanced degree in exercise science/exercise physiology or who intend to pursue careers in physical or occupational therapy, nursing, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy or as physician assistants. Coursework provided in the Exercise Science major prepares students for national certifications offered by the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association Certification Commission. Website...

Department of Fine & Performing Arts

Chair: Frederick Hanna
Coordinator of Studio Art: Amy Nelson
Coordinator of Art History: Matthew Knox Averett
Coordinator of Dance: Lisa M. Carter
Coordinator of Music: Stephen Sheftz
Coordinator of Theatre: William Van Deest
Department Office: Lied Education Center for the Arts, Room 101
Professor: M. Flecky, S.J.
Associate Professors: L. Alston, R. Bosco, F. Hanna, W. Hutson, A. Klem, C. Seitz, J. Thein
Associate Professor Emeritus: R. Aikin
Assistant Professors: M. Averett, T. Bohr, S.J., A. Breland, L. Carter, B. Hough,
A. Nelson, S. Sheftz

The Department of Fine and Performing Arts offers courses for non-majors and B.A. and B.F.A. degrees in Studio Art, Graphic Design, and Theatre; a B.A. in Art History, Music and Dance and a B.F.A in Musical Theatre; and minors in Art History, Studio Art, Dance, Music and Theatre. The department stages theatrical and dance productions each year, numerous musical events, and several art exhibitions in our state-of-the art facility, The Lied Education Center for the Arts, which is the focus of Fine and Performing Arts at Creighton. Website...

Department of History

Chair: Elizabeth B. Elliot-Meisel
Department Office: Administration Building, Room 330A
Associate Professors: J. Calvert, E. Dugan, E. Elliot-Meisel, R. Super, A. Welch
Assistant Professors: S. Eastman, H. Fryer, C. Gerteis, T. Leavelle, B. McEwen

The Department of History provides students with historical perspective and insight into the issues, events, ideas, and values that constitute the human experience. This includes the study of a variety of societies and cultures, and teaching the essential analytic research and communication skills necessary to stimulate creative and critical thinking, and provide an ethical context for dealing with an increasingly complex world. Website...

Department of Journalism & Mass Communication

Chair: Eileen M. Wirth
Department Office: Hitchcock Communication Arts Building, Room 209
Professor: D. Doll, S.J., E. M. Wirth; Professor Emeritus: D. Haberman
Associate Professors: T. Guthrie, J. Maciejewski, M.C. Zuegner
Assistant Professors: K. Boyle, J. Davies

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication prepares students for professional careers in a wide range of mass media fields including news, public relations, advertising, graphic design and photography. Courses emphasize development of strong writing and visual communications skills. Students gain experience through internships, The Creightonian newspaper, Bluejay yearbook and student professional organizations. Website...

Department of Mathematics

Chair: Randall Crist
Department Office: Old Gym, Room 230
Professors: S. Cheng, D. Malik, J. Mordeson; Professor Emeritus: D. Fuller
Associate Professors: J. Carlson, R. Crist, N. Fong, L. Nielsen
Assistant Professors: C. Farthing

The Department of Mathematics provides students with the study of quantity and space and the symbolism associated with them. Website...

Department of Military Science

Chair: Mark Turner
Department Office: Military Science Building, Room 110
Professor: M. Turner
Assistant Professors: W. Benda, D. Murphy, L. Pietsch, J. Regan, S. Zoker

The Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC), as it exists today, began with President Wilson signing the National Defense Act of 1916. Army ROTC at Creighton University was authorized by the War Department in 1919. The program is a cooperative effort contractually agreed to by the Army and Creighton University as a means of providing officer leadership for the United States Army. As one of the premier Army ROTC programs in the country, the department's mission is to educate, train, develop, and inspire students to become officers and leaders of character for the U.S. Army and the nation. The program does this through a combination of classroom instruction, leadership laboratories, and experiential learning opportunities focused on developing the mind, body, and spirit of students. These opportunities are designed specifically to enhance character and leadership ability in the students/Cadets and to allow them to practice the essential components of leadership: influencing, acting, and improving. Students become members of the Blackwolves Battalion and complete a planned and managed sequence of classroom courses and practical exercises intended to develop each into what an officer must be; a leader of character, a leader with presence, and a leader of intelligence to enable them to reach their full potential as individuals and as effective leaders of groups. The program affords students an excellent opportunity to serve and focuses on the role of Army officers in the preservation of peace and national security, with particular emphasis placed on ethical conduct and the officer's responsibility to society to lead, develop themselves and others, and achieve success. The experience culminates with Cadets earning commissions as Second Lieutenants in the Active Army, United States Army Reserve, or United States Army National Guard. As an organization committed to lifelong learning, participants may elect to pursue one of the Army's numerous opportunities for follow-on postgraduate study as well. Creighton's Military Science Program is an elective two-year or four-year program. Website...

Department of Modern Languages & Literatures

Chair: Lucille Roy-Hewitson
Department Office: Humanities Center, Room 216
Professor : L. Roy-Hewitson; Professor Emeriti: D. Gibbs, A. Gommermann
Associate Professors: T. Coffey, R. Recio, E. Rodrigo, I. Santiago-Stommes
Associate Professor Emerita: G. Romero-Downing
Assistant Professors: O. Böhlke, F. Conrod, N. Godón-Martinez, J. McClanahan, R. Spangler, D. Vanderboegh

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures provides for its major and minor students in French, German and Spanish and minor students in Italian programs of study that are conducive to developing competence in the spoken and written language, and a broad and deep knowledge of the literature and culture of the target languages. The Department provides for its students in Chinese, Japanese and Russian a program of study conducive to developing competence in the spoken and written language with insights into the culture of the target languages. Website...

Department of Philosophy

Chair: John J. O'Keefe
Associate Chair: Kevin Graham
Department Office: Humanities Center, Room 105
Professors: J. Carlson, R. Feezell, P. Murray, W. Stephens, R. White
Associate Professors: J. Abrams, E. Cooke, K. Graham, J. Hause, J. Schuler, E. Selk, J. Yuan
Resident Assistant Professor: J. Kissell
Assistant Professors: M. Brown, A. Ozar, A. Wendling

The Department of Philosophy at Creighton University is concerned to arouse and sustain a sense of wonder in students, to acquaint them with the main problems and historical periods in philosophy, to help them form the habit of rigorous and clear thinking, and to prepare them to make philosophically mature decisions during the course of a lifetime. Website...

Department of Physics

Chair: Janet Seger
Department Office: Hixson-Lied Science Building, Room G81
Professors: M. Cherney, S. Cipolla, J. Seger; Professor Emeritus: T. Zepf
Associate Professors: M. Nichols, D. Sidebottom; Associate Professor Emeriti: R. Kennedy, B. Lazure (Natural Science)
Assistant Professors: G. Duda, J. Gabel, T. McShane, S.J.

The Department of Physics provides a strong foundation for careers in the rapidly developing high-tech industries. For students who complete a degree in physics, the rewards are a deep understanding of nature, unusual flexibility in the choice of a career, and exceptional strength and stability in the job market. Website...

Department of Political Science & International Relations

Chair: Graham P. Ramsden
Department Office: Administration Building, Room 430A
Professors: T. Clark, B. Evans, J. Wunsch
Associate Professors: S. Crawford, P. Meeks, G. Ramsden
Associate Professor Emeritus: K. Wise
Assistant Professors: E. Moreno, M. Jiang, R. Witmer

Political Science and International Relations examine how humans organize their societies and make collective choices. They focus on the behavior of individuals (both ordinary people and leaders) and groups, and on the institutions that humans use to make and implement public policy decisions. International Relations focuses in particular on the interactions among states and on international governance. Both examine not just "governments," but the whole process of governing. Website...

Department of Psychology

Chair: Gary K. Leak
Associate Chair: T. Lee Budesheim
Department Office: Hixson-Lied Science Building, Room 302
Professors: M. Huss, G. Leak, R. Lueger
Professor Emeriti: L. Gardner, M. Ware
Associate Professors: A. Badura Brack, T.L. Budesheim, I. Cherney, L. Finken, J.V. Lupo
Assistant Professors: J. Brown, M. Khanna, D. Stairs

The Psychology Department designs its courses and programs to provide (a) one facet of the multidisciplinary study of humans, (b) a personal and scientific understanding of behavior, (c) preparation for employment in a business, a social agency, or in secondary education, and (d) preparation for continued study in a graduate school of psychology or in one of the professional schools. Website...

Department of Social Work

Chair: G.H. Grandbois
Department Office: Administration Building, Room 437
Associate Professor: G.H. Grandbois
Assistant Professors: B. Harris, F. Origanti

Mission: Guided by the core values and traditions of Catholic, Jesuit education, the mission of the Department of Social Work is to prepare students for professional social work practice. Advancement of this broad design is the solidarity of purpose embraced by the University and College of Arts and Sciences. This includes a commitment to life long learning and professional growth, service to the disenfranchised, promotion of social and economic justice, recognition and appreciation for diversity, belief in individual worth, importance of the family, and the relevance of history for the present and future. As a professional program, the Department of Social Work is committed to the promotion, restoration, improvement and maintenance of social functioning of various systems (individuals, families, groups, organizations, communities) realized by the strengthening of their problem-solving capacities, and empowerment of human potential that contributes to the improvement of society. Website...

Department of Sociology & Anthropology

Chair: Raymond Bucko, S.J.
Department Office: Administration Building, Room 437
Professors: R. Bucko, S.J., C. Harper; Professor Emeritus: J. Angus
Associate Professors: J. Ault, B. Dilly; Associate Professor Emeritus: J. Clark
Assistant Professors: D. Irlbeck, R. Murray, A. Rodlach

Sociology and Anthropology study social life, social change, and the social causes and consequences of human behavior. Sociologists and anthropologists investigate the structure of groups, organizations, and societies, cultures, and how people interact within these contexts. Since all human behavior is social, the subject matter of sociology and anthropology range from the intimate family to the hostile mob; from organized crime to religious cults; from the divisions of race, gender and social class to the shared beliefs of a common culture; and from the sociology of work to the anthropology of sports. Website...

Department of Theology

Chair: Todd A. Salzman
Department Office: Humanities Building, Room 121
Professors: D. Hamm, S.J., W. Harmless, S.J., R. Hauser, S.J., B. Malina, J. Mueller, J. O’Keefe, R. Reno, R. Simkins, T. Salzman, W. Wright;
Professor Emeritus: M. Lawler
Associate Professors: J. Fleming, N. Roddy, T. Kelly
Assistant Professors: P. Amidon, S.J., E. Burke Sullivan, S. Calef, M. Legaspi, R. Miller

The Theology Department is dedicated to the classical understanding of theology as "faith seeking understanding." Faculty in this department represent a spectrum of theological interests including Old and New Testament studies, patristic and historical theology, moral theology, liturgical theology, and systematic theology. The theology department also has expertise in several of the world's religious traditions. The department attracts students with diverse career goals ranging from ministry to medicine. Website...


Program for African Studies

Program Director: James S. Wunsch
Program Office: Administration Building, Room 430A

African Studies is an interdisciplinary program drawing from faculty in the departments of History, English, Sociology and Anthropology, Political Science and International Relations and Theology. It attempts to provide students with factual and theoretical material necessary to understand the issues facing contemporary Africa through courses approaching Africa from humanistic, ethnographic, historical, institutional, and policy-oriented perspectives. The program also offers films, social events, symposia and visiting lecturers to go beyond course offerings. Website...

Program for American Studies

Program Directors: Heather E. Fryer, Tracy N. Leavelle
Program Office: Administration Building, Room 339

The American Studies Program seeks to prepare graduates with the knowledge and skills to bring critical insights to the study of the American experience in all its diversity, past and present. Faculty members aim to stimulate critical and creative thinking through interdisciplinary and comparative study with attention to transnational issues and current theoretical frameworks. Website...

Program for Environmental Sciences

Program Director: John Schalles
Program Office: Hixson-Lied Science Building, Room 504
Professors: T. Burk, C. Harper, J. Platz, J. Schalles, J. Zehnder
Associate Professors: J. Ault, A. Cullum, G. Michels, G. Ramsden, J. Schrage, M. Vinton
Assistant Professors: M. Anderson, J. Martinelli

The Environmental Sciences Major introduces students to a wide range of integrated coursework within the natural and physical sciences. The major is aimed at providing career opportunities related to environmental issues and in providing a broad background for graduate work within the natural and physical sciences. The major offers three distinct tracks: (1) Global Environmental Systems which explores ecological and climatological aspects of the integrated earth system, (2) Organismal/Population Ecology which emphasizes biological aspects of the environment and, (3) Environmental Policy and Society which addresses historical political and sociological aspects of environmental issues. Website...

Program for Health Administration & Policy

Program Director: Judith Lee Kissell
Program Office: Hixson-Lied Science Building 518

The Health Administration and Policy Program is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide the undergraduate student with a broad understanding of healthcare management and an awareness of the key issues facing the health care world. This program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to build a solid understanding of healthcare institutions, management processes, public policy, social and ethical issues. Website...

Program for Justice & Peace Studies

Program Director: Roger Bergman
Program Office: Administration Building, Room 425A

The Justice and Peace Studies Program offers a JPS minor and, with the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, a major in Justice and Society (see the following section). Both minor and major consist of a multidisciplinary series of courses integrating community service, analysis, and reflection in the context of a faith that does justice and seeks a more peaceful world. Website...

Program for Native American Studies

Program Director: Raymond A. Bucko, S.J.
Program Office: Administration Building, Room 437

The Program for Native Studies is multi-disciplinary in nature, drawing on a wide range of faculty from throughout the College of Arts and Sciences. Each faculty member has extensive experience, cares for students and has enthusiasm for learning and teaching. Each is also committed to collaboration with Native peoples and those who work with them whether students, professionals, or local community members. Website...

Program for Women & Gender Studies

Program Director: Susan Calef
Program Office: Dowling Hall-Humanities Center, Room 125

Women's and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program focused upon women, men and gender. As Women's Studies, the program highlights experiences and contributions of women, both historically and in contemporary society. As Gender Studies, the program explores constructions and experiences of diverse gender roles and orientations. Website...