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Grants Administration

The Office of Grants Administration provides members of the Creighton University community with the services and resources they need to successfully obtain and manage funding for their research, scholarly, and service endeavors. Their department assists faculty with searches for funding opportunities, grant editing, budget preparation, routing proposal for University official approvals and electronic proposal submission.

Funding Opportunities

The Office of Grants Administration can assist faculty in funding searches and reminded us that they also have the ability to search funding opportunities for the arts and social sciences. Some of the funding resources include:

The Office of Grants Administration maintains a database of faculty interests which helps them monitor funding opportunities. She said that it would be helpful if departments (faculty members) would periodically update their personal interest profiles so that their database would be current.

Budget Development

The Grants Administration team can assist faculty in developing budgets. Their website has budget worksheets, sample budgets and justifications, cost reference tables, and other information to assist you in developing a budget. These and other budget resources can be found here.

Submission Process

The grants submission process (The Creighton Process) is shown below.

Grants Submission Process

Grants Submission Process

The forms and process can be found here. The Grants Administration Office recently updated the Proposal Routing Form which can be found here.

Other Grants Administration Services

  • Grants Administration acquires signatures from many offices for investigators.
  • Grants Administration assists in setting up the fund with the Controller's Office.
  • Grants Administration processes checks from agencies and sponsors in concert with the controller's office.
  • Grants Administration approves pool transfers with the Controller's Office.
  • Grants Administration assists PIs with the submission of annual progress reports and final closeout reports.

Writing and Editing Support

  • In-Route Editing Support includes:
    • Correct errors in spelling and grammar.
    • Revision of punctuation, numbers, capitalization, and similar matters according to an agreed upon standard of style (style sheet, style guide, style manual).
    • Resolve stylistic inconsistencies.
    • Check statements that seem incorrect.
    • Check formatting against grant/RFP specifications.
    • Verification of budget figures.
  • Full-Draft Editing Support includes:
    • Reorganization and rewording sentences to correct misleading or vague sentence structure. Usually the writer and the editor complete this process in collaboration.
    • Recasting sentences to avoid over-use of passive voice.
      Recasting sentences to eliminate the use of third-person singular pronouns for subjects of unspecified gender.
    • Suggesting "grant-savvy" language that has more rhetorical impact in applications.
    • Correction and re-writing of text resulting from multiple investigators' contributions.
    • Read grant to make sure it meets the guidelines presented in the RFP.
  • Developmental Editing Support includes:
    • Coordinating with Grants Administration to discuss organization, budgeting or planning.
    • Policy editing to ensure that documents conform to the policies of the university.
    • Outline editing to plan a consistent and whole document in one voice.
    • Assisting the investigator in making sure the proposal meets the specifics and the spirit of the guidelines in the RFP.
    • Searching for funding opportunities for investigator’s project ideas.

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