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Information Technology

The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) is a diverse organization that plans, programs, and maintains the university's computing architecture and infrastructure. DoIT also provides technology training, customer assistance, technology services, and account management for the administration, faculty, staff, and students at Creighton.


DoIT offers a variety of collaborative tools and services that support instruction and research. BlueSuite is a collection of software and web applications that DoIT has branded to start with "Blue", i.e. BlueLine, BlueQ, etc. DoIT has branded the tools so that they are easy to remember and recognize as well as to ease confusion when a product is upgraded to another vendor in the future. This collection of applications is designed to provide a full range of tools to help you manage media, instruct, and collaborate with students, faculty, and staff members. Whether accessing a course on BlueLine, learning new software on BlueTrain, uploading video to BlueVue, launching a survey through BlueQ, conferencing in the BlueCafe, or podcasting through iTunes U, the BlueSuite is a one stop center for the Creighton community. Just think BLUE when exploring ways to engage and collaborate in the digital age.


As a learning management system and a collaborative space, BlueLine is for the whole university. Faculty can create and share course content, grade assignments, as well as share and communicate with students. Students can engage in discussions, upload course assignments, and even take online exams. Departments, staff members, and campus groups can use BlueLine to share documents, collaborate on projects and even hold meetings without ever leaving the office. BlueLine



This Creighton's Web-Based Software Training Portal for more than 110 applications. Is a product of Atomic Learning Inc. Just-in-time approach focuses on answering the common questions people have when learning popular software packages. Provides thousands of short, easy-to-understand tutorial movies and a library of curriculum resources. You can go through a tutorial once or as many times as you want. You can log in from your desk, at home, or come to the LearnIT Lab for workshops in which you can work on your own while a trainer is available should you need assistance. BlueTrain


Creating surveys and analyzing results can be done with ease in this completely web-based application. BlueQ can also be used as a teaching tool for students learning survey methodology. Faculty and staff members can request an account at Ease of use, flexibility, and full featured, BlueQ is the answer to an exhaustive quest for survey tools which fits campus needs. Contact Barb Stephens at x2263 for an account. BlueQ


Web Conferencing the Creighton Way. For faculty and students, BlueCafé powers the virtual classroom inside BlueLine. BlueCafé enhances BlueLine's features by allowing faculty and students to meet real time, online. For Creighton staff, BlueCafé has its own space. You can invite colleagues, alumni, vendors, nearly anyone to a virtual meeting. Advanced features such as polling, white boarding, presenter on-the-fly, resizable chat areas and participant lists, usage analytics tools, and MP3 downloads. BlueCafe


Designed for Creighton's students, faculty and staff, iTunes U is Creighton's home in the iTunes universe. Through iTunes U, faculty can podcast to students, departments can share digital media and the University can recruit new students and keep in contact with alumni and friends of the university. It's the way to share digital audio video and text files. iTunes U delivers easy, 24/7 access to educational content. Students can sync iTunes U content with any iPod, iPhone, or iTunes software. The university has 500GB of space on the portal. iTunesU

Creighton Office of Online Learning

The Creighton Office for Online Learning (COOL), under the direction of the Graduate School, exists to provide development and support for online courses and programs consistent with quality educational programming and congruent with accreditation requirements. COOL is charged with providing a framework in which University resources can be leveraged for developing, evaluating, delivering, and supporting quality online education grounded in the tenets of sound pedagogy, infused with Ignatian values, centered on service to students, disciplines and professions.

Faculty and Administrators: COOL is designed to be a 'one stop shop' for faculty and administrators seeking to develop online programs and courses. COOL has been charged with coordinating the development of online courses and programs, including policies, processes, and faculty preparation for teaching in the online environment.

Staff: This office serves as the resource for staff in assisting faculty in the creation of online programs and courses.

Students: Resources for current and prospective students seeking information and assistance related to online courses or programs at Creighton University are available here.

Visit their website here.

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