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The Creighton Knights of Columbus - - About Us

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic men's fraternal benefit society meaning that we are dedicated to helping others through service.

By attending the initiation ceremony you become a member of the Knights of Columbus, what you choose to do with that is up to you, how much time you put into the knights, what activities you wish to plan, or participate in is entirely up to you. You can choose to be as active or as inactive as you wish. Dues for the year are 30.00 dollars and include a t-shirt. As the Knights of Columbus is a Catholic Service Fraternity we would hope that you would wish to participate as the Knights are dedicated to helping their community, church, and family. I would hope that you would want to be active in as much as you can, as you will definitely get more out of the Knights than you put into it, it still involves putting effort into the organization.

By attending first degree initiation, you will learn about our fraternity, or mission, goals and the rules, you will also come to better understand how we, as Knights, practice the virtue of charity. Upon receiving the first degree of initiation the fraternal benefit of life insurance will be opened to you.

There are three Degrees in the initiation, while you are a full member after attending the first degree, you may not run for an office until after you have received your third degree, as their is a lesson learned in each initiation that helps you fully understand the mission of the Knights of Columbus.

The Knights have been recognized by the Vatican as the strong right hand of the Catholic Church, our mission is supported by the Church and while religion is not something that is forcibly present in the Knights, it is the foundation, source, and summit of the Knights of Columbus. We are a Religious organization that is proud to be Catholic, the members are dedicated to living their faith through service, and does ask that you are a Practical Catholic, simply meaning that you are a practicing Catholic in good standing with the church.

KofC is an organization designed to benefit you as much as it is to help others. I hope this helps... If you have any more questions please feel free to ask, and please check out the web page: www.kofc.org or Contact the Knights.


What's different about a college council?

Although they have the same functions and responsibilities as any other subordinate council, college councils have unique characteristics. They involve students, faculty and administrators. They develop and implement charitable volunteer programs that respond to the needs of the campus community. We as a college council have a very high turnover rate, which makes recruitment and retention extremely important. Luckily however, because of certain unique characteristics, college councils are given some special considerations to help facilitate ease of operations.

Due to the frequent turnover of a college council membership, college councils are required to have a permanent member of the campus or local community for the position of financial secretary. As Creighton is a Catholic campus, our bylaws suggest that this position is filled by a faculty or staff member. This consideration also allows them to fulfill the position of the faculty moderator demanded by student activities office.

The district deputy also has a special role in assisting with a college council, Mike Shramek is the DD for our district #33. He is aware of the pressures associated with being a college student, and works to ensure that our council continues towards progress with the council's activities. Furthermore, by suggesting individuals other than students for the positions of financial secretary and trustee, the state deputy can ensure the continuity of leadership for an ever-changing membership. Through this active interest on the part of the state deputy, college councils can receive much needed assistance in addressing some of the unique challenges associated with member retention and program development.

Over the past few years college Knights have shared many ideas at the annual College Council Conference. Generally, college Knights perform various activities in five different categories: church, youth, council, community, family. For some suggestions from the College Councils click here. Members of college councils enjoy a unique opportunity to come together in New Haven. The Annual College Council Conference provides a setting to address the needs and challenges experienced by college councils. Our Council sent several members to this conference in September 2005 and it was an awesome time and has helped our council immensely! Supreme will reimburse each council for the attendance of the Grand Knight, Financial Secretary, and Chaplain. We can have up to 5 attendees at this conference and the only expense is airfare!


More about Creighton Knights

First the Knights of Columbus is different from other fraternities on campus in for several reasons. First we are not Greek, we are Roman. Roman Catholic that is, though there are a lot of social aspects to being a Knight we are a service fraternity, and this makes us different. Secondly, unlike APO, the service fraternity on Creighton's Campus we are specifically Catholic. This means that faith is also important to the Creighton Knights of Columbus. If you want to get active, and stay enthusiastic about your faith the Knights is the perfect place to start. For more about what we actually do, Go to the Upcoming Events page.


Life Insurance

The Knights of Columbus is the largest men's fraternity in the world, with just over 1.7 million members, once you are a Knight you can stay active in the KofC for as long as you are alive and active, and when you are no longer a knight, they will take care of your family with the greatest life insurance program money can buy! As a College student you might be thinking that its a little early for life insurance, but know that when you decide to start looking after the ones you love, that as a Knight you will have access to the worlds best rated insurance program, a statistic straight from A.M. Best, the nation's leading insurance rating agency. For more information contact your local KofC Life Insurance Agent and find out this claim is not just an exaggeration but a supported fact, you really can get more out of the knights that you can put in!



Once a candidate completes the First Degree ceremony on the lesson of charity, he is considered a Knight of Columbus and can participate in all council activities. First Degree members are encouraged to attain the Second and Third Degrees, which teach the lessons of unity and fraternity. Upon taking the Third Degree, a member receives full honors of Knighthood and is "Knighted."

Privileges of Third Degree membership include the ability to serve as a local council officer, and admission to state and Supreme Council business meetings. First and Second Degree members can attend the state and Supreme Council meetings, but they are not allowed in the business sessions.