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Creighton Knights of Columbus - - Officer Duties

2006-2007 Officers:

Officers of the Creighton Council are usually elected in May, at the end of the school year, and serve a one year term (unless otherwise indicated). All officers must be active members and have already received their third degree.

Grand Knight is responsible for the overall operations of the council as well as conducting meetings, creating and managing committees for furthering mission of the Knights of Columbus, monitoring the council’s progress towards the councils goals. He
oversees the annual audits and reports, required by both Supreme Council and and State.

Deputy Grand Knight serves as the Vice-President of the council, presides in the absence of the Grand Knight, assists the Grand Knight, helps to oversee the operations of the council. Responsible for the publicity for the council, Serves as the Chairman of the Service Committee, oversees welfare and growth of the Council’s membership. He is also in charge of coordinating Recruiting/Social events, and Fraternal events with the assistance of the Lecturer.

Chancellor also assists the Grand Knight. Presides in the absence of both the Grand and Deputy Grand Knights Serves as the Recruitment/Retention Chairman, coordinating and implementing service events plans at least one major event annually and at least one regular monthly event. Chancellor is Responsible for annual drives (Tootsie roll Charity, etc)

Recorder Serves as a secretary to record meeting minutes and disseminating those minutes, gathers meeting information to distribute to the council members.

Treasurer collects dues; manages and reports the council’s money. Responsible for filling out fundraising forms to CSU, unless otherwise delegated.

Advocate responsible for legal business for the council, Conducts an annual Charter Review. In charge of filling out forms submitted to student act ivies, etc. Records progress for Star Council Award, and other awards or activities. Also responsible for Knights Page system.

Warden Serves as the Spiritual Formation Coordinator plans retreats, Retreats, Service Trips, Spirituality activities (Suggestions include: adoration, rosary, Stations of the Cross, Bible studies, Small Faith Sharing Groups, etc.) and serves as the Ceremonials/Initiation Chairman.

Inner Guard Assists where needed in ceremonials and serves as a liaison for the knights to other student organizations.

Outer Guard Assists where needed in ceremonials and serves as a liaison for the knights to other student organizations.

Trustees (3) there are three Trustees who assist in the auditing of finances. Typically there should not be Freshman or Sophomores in this office, unless not filled. These positions should be held by experienced Knights who have been active in the council in other offices, they main duty for this position is to assist the Grand Knight and other officers as needed so that the council can transition smoothly from year to year.

Appointed Officers:

Lecturer serves on Recruitment/Retention Committee
Responsible for assisting in the organization of Fraternal events. This includes coordinating Sports teams. Responsible for providing regular educational discussions and lectures to members, include catechesis, doctrine, dogma, public speakers, emergence of devotions, etc. 

Financial Secretary is appointed upon recommendation of the council. It is required that the Financial Secretary is a faculty or staff member. The FS also plays an important role as the faculty moderator, which is a required position in a student organization at Creighton. His main area of responsibilities is maintaining all financial and membership records.He collects and receives all moneys from all sources, including annual dues from council members.He also handles supply orders for the council officers and members, filing the Report officers and submitting all membership transactions to the Supreme Council. For more specific duties and responsibilities, refer to the Financial Secretary Handbook.


Here is the process: (all numbers are hypothetical)

1) All Officer Positions are posted for all to see.

2) All 3rd degree Knights will receive the option of filling out a nomination and will write their name at the top, followed by the three positions they would want the most. For Example:

Joe Bloggs
Lecturer (3)
Chancellor (2)
Grand Knight (1)

The Position that Joe wants the most is indicated by the higher number.

3) Next to each position they write down, everyone places a number. 3 for the position that you want the most, 1 for the position that you least want of the three. (and of course 2 for the middle one)

4) the papers are collected and tallied. Then they are then posted on the board.

5) The numbers are then tallied, and the ones with the highest value. (Ideally the ones with the most threes would be voted on first).
*For example, using the examples above, Grand Knight has a total of 5 and lecturer a total of 8. Therefore Lecturer would be voted on first.

6) If others would like to jump in and run for a position at any time they may, however the number system would also show what members were really looking forward to the position.