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Welcome to the Creighton Knights of Columbus - - On Campus

The history of our Council has been interesting, several years ago the Creighton Knights were really active, but recruiting new members is not always easy and when the council seniors graduated our council went dormant. Recently however, our council has jumped from 6 active members to just over 50, making us the quickest growing fraternity on Creighton’s Campus.

What Do The Creighton Knights of Columbus do?

Here is what we have done last year (2005-2006)

-Made and sold Rosaries to help pro-life cause, (Jan-April)
-Volunteer at Mary Our Queen Fish Fries (Mar-Apr)
-Sent 5 reps to College Convention in New Haven (Sept)
-Recruitment Blitz- brought in 7 new members (Sept-Nov)

-Week long service/immersion trip to South Omaha (October 15-21st)
-Living with a family for a night/ stayed at Assumption Church Rectory for the rest of the trip
-Working at Catholic grade school Assumption-Guadalupe
-Volunteering at One World Health center
-Volunteering at Stephens Center Homeless Shelter
-Encountered Justice issues by hearing speakers from Juan Diego Center, Boys and Girls clubs, and by touring a Meat Packing Plant

-Volunteered at Our Lady of Lourdes Spaghetti Dinner (Oct)
-Several knights Volunteer as Religious Education teachers to 7th Graders Saturday Mornings for Our Lady of Guadeloupe Church (Oct.-pre sent)
-Helped serve food at fundraising dinner for Assumption-Guadalupe School (Nov)
- Lead Catholic catechism discussions for campus on Eucharist and Reconciliation (Nov-Dec)

- Co-sponsored pro-life speaker Greg Schleppenbach to come to Campus (Dec)
- Co-sponsored and participated in a winter service trip to Louisiana

-Participated in awesome intramural sports teams in both basketball and soccer, and enjoyed a bowling night with the Knights and a BBQ Tailgate to rally behind the CU Blue jays baseball team.

But Wait There's More!

If you think that was a lot just wait for next year, we have some really big plans, and what is great about the Knights is that you can put as much or as little time into it. We are here to serve you as much as others, so if you have some big ideas I the KofC is the right place to help make those ideas into a reality!