How old is Phi Delt?

Phi Delta Theta was first established in 1848 at Miami OH University. However the chapter at Creighton Universit, Nebraska Gamma, was first established in 1996.


What is the Median GPA?

The average GPA for Phi Delta Theta is 3.47, the highest yet again on Creighton's Campus.


How much are dues?

The first semster of dues is $400 and each semster after that is $355.


What do my dues cover?

Dues mainly are used to pay for insurance and fees to GHQ(General Headquaters) and what is left is used to put on social events, brotherhood retreats, and other activities. Dues are higher first semster to cover the extra cost of initiatting a new member.


Who is eligible to join?

Anyone with at least second semster freshman status and has a GPA of at least 2.5.


What does Phi Delt actually do?

Phi Delta Theta provides a lifetime of brotherhood and opportunities for it's members. While in college it enhances one's experience through a various assortment of acitivities. Phi Delta Theta is a social fraternity, and as such puts on a variety of social events. Each semster there are several date party and several brotherhood retreat. In addition to these events Phi Delta Theta also customarily sends a group of guys to Naz Farm, WV to do service there durring Fall break. Durring the Spring Semester Phi Delta Theta puts on A Night At Lou's annual benefit concert, with all the proceeds going towards the ALS Foundation (Lou Gehrig's disease) in additon Phi Delta Theta also puts on Phi Delt Futbul. Phi Delt Futbul is a benefit tournment where all the proceeds go to the ALS Foundation.



What is Phi Delt's current membership?

Our current membership is 63 active members


What is the average recruitment class?

Phi Delt averages about 17 per Spring Recruitment class and Fall Recruitment Class of 8.


How long after I join the chapter am I initiated? What

are the requirments requirred for initation?

A person acceptting a bid must complete an eight week Phikeia process where the Phikeia must get pages with all the actives in order to get to know the brothers in the fraternity which strengthens the bond between brothers. In addition to this there are tests designed to enlighten the Phikeia upon the rich history of the Bond of Phi Delta Theta. Also a Phikia retreat and a brotherhood retreat are required to gain a better understanding of those within the Spring class.


Does Phi Delt haze?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. If at anytime you feel like you are being hazed please speak immediately to the chapter president/recruitment chairs/ or the Inter Fraternity Counsel.





#1 Chapter of the Year
#1 Academics
#1 Finacial Managment
#1 University and Community Relations
#1 Campus Involvement
#1 New Member Education
#1 Chapter Unity
#1 Risk Management
#1 Leadership Development

#1 Alumni Relations