Cabo San Lucas Leadership Academy


Phi Psi’s don’t just reminisce about their undergraduate experience, they keep living the dream their entire lives. Phi Psi has one of the proudest, most benevolent alumni bases of any fraternity in the U.S and these alumni are very motivated to help mold active Phi Psi’s into the leaders of our country. That is why Phi Psi is the only national fraternity to host a leadership program comprised of some of the most successful men and women in various fields throughout the world. Oh yeah, did I mention this leadership program takes place in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico during Spring Break? I think I even forgot to mention that the program costs less that $20. This goes to show the pride our alumni have in being Phi Psis and the potential they see in young men living by the high ideals held by Phi Kappa Psi.
   The American Leadership Academy was established to give undergraduate Phi Psis the teaching of skills in leadership, service, citizenship and free enterprise. Phi Psi chapters from all around the country fly down to beautiful Cabo San Lucas on the southern tip of the Baja peninsula in Mexico. We stay with our brothers around the country on a beautiful resort that is exclusively reserved for Phi Psi’s. A delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served every day at the beautiful resort that is complete with its own section of a beautiful white sand beach, a refreshing outdoor pool, hot tub, full bar, lounge area with big screen televisions, and a computer lab so our brothers can stay in touch with their less fortunate family and friends back home. Have I emphasized the fact that all that I just mentioned is included in the $18 registration fee?


During free time and in the evening, Phi Psi’s are encouraged to experience Cabo to its fullest potential. Downtown Cabo is only a 15 minutes (free) shuttle and the possibilities there are endless. Some of our brothers have spent an entire day deep sea fishing, gone jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving, and snorkeling, among many other things. We also have the chance to build relationships with other Phi Psis from different schools. This has not only led to an exchange of some great ideas but also opportunities to plan events and visits with other chapters all over the country. Last but not least all Phi Psis have the opportunity to take part in the glorious Spring Break culture of Cabo…


But above the beautiful weather, the beach, the girls, the clubs and bars, the girls, and everything else Cabo has to offer, the experiences and knowledge taken from the American Leadership Academy takes the cake. For five days from 10 am to 2 pm, we get to hear stories, experiences, and pick apart the brains of some of our country’s most successful men and women. These speakers consider it such an honor to come down to Cabo to speak to young Phi Psis that are full of potential that they also do it for free. Phi Psi is a brotherhood that truly cares about the development of its members into honorable gentlemen and leaders.

Updated 04/16/2009
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