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Fun Links!

"I see the mind of the five-year-old
as a volcano with
two vents:
and creativeness."
-- Sylvia Ashton-Warner

Fun Links Just 4 You!

Good Teaching Links

Starfall: This is an excellent source for teaching kids how to read! Fun interactive books and games make it fun to learn to read.
Ed Helper: This site has tons of worksheets on just about any topic.
About.com: Here is a link to find just about any blank map of states, country, or world.
Discovery School: This has FUN lesson plans for grades k-12!
Yahooligans: This is a safe search engine for Kids.
Free Kids Music.com: Just as the title says, Free kids music!

Fun for College Students

Toothpaste For Dinner: Daily funny cartoons.
College Humor: This is a funny website that appeals to college students.
Crazy Videos: This is good to pass time by watching some hilarious videos!


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