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By Laws Student Education Association of Nebraska- Creighton Chapter


Section 1. Name

The name of this association shall be the Student Education Association of Nebraska, herinafter referred to as SEAN. SEAN shall be affiliated with the National Education Association (NEA) through the NEA Student Program (NEA-SP) and with the Nebraska State Education Association (NSEA).

Section 2. Purposes

A. The purposes of NEA-SP shall be:
1.   To develop an understanding of the education profession within prospective educators.
2.   To provide a united student voice in matters affecting their profession.
3.   To influence the conditions under which prospective educators are prepared.
4.   To advance the interests and welfare of students preparing for a career in education.
5.   To forwards the aim of quality education.
6.   To promote and protect human and civil rights.
7.   To stimulate the highest ideals of professional ethics, standard and attitudes.

B. The purposes of SEAN shall be:
1.   To develop a state organization of SEAN chapters fostered by the NEA and the NSEA for the promotion and development of professional attitudes among students preparing to enter the teaching profession.
2.   To interest capable men and women in teaching as a career by:
      a.  Encouraging a careful selective standard for persons admitted to approved programs of teacher education.
      b.  Positively influencing the way in which prospective educators are prepared.

3.  To strive for the advancement of better conditions under which teachers work and students learn.
4.  To develop among future educators, an understanding of the teaching profession through participation in professional activities.
5.  To create a background for future educators of the history, ethics, organization, policies and programs of local, state, and national education associations.
6.  To give students preparing to teach, practical experience in working together and working with local, state, and national education associations on problems concerning education throughout the nation.

 Section 3. Governance

A. SEAN shall be governed by its Bylaws and Standing Rules, and any other actions as mandated by the Delegate Assembly that are consistent with these Bylaws.
B. SEAN may puruse objectives which are consistent with the state purposes of NEA, NEA-SP, and NSEA.


Section 1. Eligibility

A. Membership in SEAN shall be composed of students who are receiving preparation at the undergraduate or graduate level for a career in education, and who are duly chartered members in good standing of a recognized chapter of SEAN, where available. SEAN membership is not available to anyone who is currently eligible or has ever been eligible, for an active membership in NEA.
B. Members of SEAN shall also be members of duly chartered local student education associations where available, and the NEA-SP.
C. SEAN shall not deny membership on the basis of race, creed, national origin, age or sexual orientation.

Section 2. Membership within the NEA

A. Members of SEAN shall be recognized as student members of the NEA and shall have all rights and privileges of student members, provided that they are recognized as members of SEAN by their respective college chapters, where available, and the NEA-SP.

Section 3. Membership within the NSEA

A. Members of SEAN shall also be recognized as student members of the NSEA and shall have all of the privileges of student membership, provided they are recognized as members of SEAN and of their respective college chapters, where available.

Section 4. Membership and Fiscal Year

A. The membership and fiscal year of SEAN shall concur with the NSEA membership and fiscal year. The fiscal year of SEAN shall begin on the first day of September and end on the last day of August in each year.

Section 5. Membership Dues

A. The SEAN Executive Committee shall recommend the SEAN dues amount to the NSEA Delegate Assembly.
B. The SEAN dues amount shall be recommended by the SEAN Executive Committee to the NSEA Board of Directors, which sets dues for all categories of NSEA membership. Local chapter and national dues will be in addition to this amount.
C. Creighton Chapter dues will be collected at the same time as the membership form during meetings or in the Education Department. Membership forms may be turned in any time throughout the year, but membership will only last through the fiscal year of SEAN, regardless of when membership is activated.

Section 6. Membership Code of Ethics

A. Members of the SEAN shall adhere to the code of ethics of the education profession.

Section 7. Revocation of Membership

A. Any member not adhering to the code of ethics of the education profession will put his or her membership in jeopardy. Each situation will be dealt with individually.


Section 1. Affiliation

Affiliation shall mean a relationship based on a reciprocal contractual agreement between NEA, NSEA and the local chapter and shall continue until a local or state association withdraws or is disaffiliated.

Section 2. The Minimum Standards for Affiliation
A   The affiliate shall conduct all elections with open nominations and a secret ballot.
B.  The affiliate shall require unified membership of NEA, NSEA, and SEAN.
C.  The affiliate shall have the same membership and fiscal year as that of SEAN and NSEA.
D.  The Constitution, Bylaws, Standing Rules, or other governing documents of the affiliate shall be compatible with the bylaws of the state association.
E.  The affiliate shall apply the one person-one vote principle for representation on those governing bodies which elect NEA-SP representatives, except that the affiliate shall strive for involvement of ethnic minorities of SEAN.

 Section 3. Procedure for Affiliation

A. chapter seeking affiliation shall file a written application, including copies of its governance documents, with the SEAN President. The SEAN Executive Committee shall act on the application at its first official meeting after the date of filing.

Section 4. Local Chapter Affiliation
A. Local chapters may be chartered at institutions offering four years or more of college work provided that the institutions meet either of the following criteria:
     1.  They are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and approved for teacher education by the appropriate state department or education; or
     2.  They are accredited by the appropriate regional association and approved for teacher education by the State Department of Education.

B. Local chapters may be chartered at institutions offering at least two, but less than four, years of college work, provided that the institutions meet either of the following criteria:
     1.  They are accredited by the appropriate regional association; or
     2.  They are recommended by the state legal agency responsible for approving such institutions, provided the graduates of such institutions can be admitted to an NCATE-accredited institution with advanced standing.

C. Potential chapters shall be granted a one year probationary period in which to reach minimum standards for affiliation.
D. Each local chapter will submit to their Regional Representative a monthly report consisting of its meeting format, activities and planned programs, for use in the SEAN newsletter.


Section 1. Composition
A. The chapter officers shall be a president, president elect, vice president, treasurer, and secretary.

Section 2. Election of Officers
A. All officers are elected by a majority vote of the voting members present at the April meeting (see Article III, Sec. 2.a.).

Section 3. Term of Office
A. Officers will assume their official duties at the end of April and serve for a one year period.

Section 4. Eligibility
To be eligible for office, a person must be:
     A. An undergraduate or a graduate student enrolled in an accredited institution.

     B. Preparing for a career in education
     C. A unified member of SEAN.
     D. In good standing at
Creighton University. Officers should not be on academic or disciplinary probation at the time of their elections and throughout their terms in the office. Officers must possess a 2.5 cumulative QPA or its equivalent and maintain a minimum of 2.5 QPA or its equivalent to serve during their tenure.

Section 5. Impeachment
A. In case any state officer cannot perform their duties, or is seen to be unfit to perform their duties:
     1.  A written list of grievances must be presented to the executive committee and the officer in question by any member or members of SEAN.
     2.  The officer charged shall have the right to appear before the executive committee to respond to charges and present their case within 30 days of notification of grievances.
     3.  A majority vote of the executive committee is then required to remove and replace said officer through due process.

Section 6. Vacancy
A. The SEAN president shall be responsible for notifying the local chapters of the vacancy.
B. The vacancy shall be filled by a member through majority vote at the next meeting.

Section 7. Duties
A. The duties of the chapter president shall be:
     1.  To preside at all chapter executive committee and member meetings of SEAN.
     2.  To appoint committees and give specific assignments to executive committee members with the advice and consent of the executive committee and chapter advisor.
     3.  To accept responsibilities and commitments requested by NEA, NEA-SP, NSEA, and SEAN.
     4.  To be responsible for contacting NSEA will updates and information throughout the year.
     5.  To serve as an official voting delegate at the NSEA Delegate Assembly in the spring.
     6.  To plan and carry out various activities sponsored by SEAN-Creighton Chapter with the help of the executive committee.

B. The duties of the president-elect shall be:
     1.  Trained in presidential duties and responsibilities in order to continue with the presidential position the next year.
     2.  To resume presidential responsibilities in the absence of the president.
     3.  To share the responsibilities of contacting NSEA throughout the year.
     4.  To carry out duties as assigned by the chapter president.

C. The duties of the vice-president shall be:
     1.  To assume presidential responsibilities in the absence of the president or president-elect.
     2.  To share in the responsibilities in the absence of the president.
     3.  To carry out duties assigned by the chapter president.

D. The duties of the secretary shall be:
     1.  To keep the minutes of all executive and member meetings.
     2.  To keep an updated list of state officers.
     3.  To distribute information, such as flyers or emails, at the president’s request.
     4.  To perform other duties as directed by the chapter president.

E. The duties of the treasurer shall be:
     1.  To keep track of all chapter funds in the Creighton Federal account.
     2.  To write, deliver, and deposit checks.
     3.  Keep a running record of money spent throughout the year and where the funds are directed.
     4.  To collect all money and donations through fundraisers.
     5.  To collect dues year round.

F. At chapter executive meetings, each officer will submit a verbal report of all activities conduced in the performance of their office, to be used by the incoming officers.


Section 1. Chapter Meetings
A regularly scheduled general meeting shall be held at least once a month as decided by the executive committee.
A quorum shall consist of 40% of the regular members.
A quorum shall be present in order for any official business to be conducted. Official business shall include election of officers, setting of dues, and changing of the chapter by laws or mission statement.

Section 2. State Meetings
These meetings will be held annually in accordance with the recommendation of the State Executive Committee.


The officers of the organization shall have the authority to create any standing or special committees that will further the purpose of the organization.


Section 1. Dues
A. State and national dues are determined by the NEA and NSEA.
B. Chapter dues shall be determined by the officers of the organization subject to the approval of a majority vote of the organization and as suggested by SEAN.

Section 2. Discontinuing of the organization
A. If the organization dissolved, all funds granted by Creighton Students Union will be returned to CSU. The remaining funds will be used in the Education Department to continue providing supplies and support for students with education majors.


The parliamentary authority shall be corresponding with the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.


Section 1. Proposed Amendments

A. Amendments to state bylaws shall be proposed by any local association or the state executive committee and shall be made available to local association officers not less than one month prior to the Delegate Assembly at which the vote will be taken. This restriction may be waived by a three fourths vote of delegates in attendance at the Delegates Assembly.
B. Amendments to chapter bylaws require a written notice of two weeks prior to a member meeting.

Section 2. Adoption of Amendments
A. All amendments require a two thirds vote of a quorum for adoption.
B. Amendments become effective only after approval by the Student Activities Office.

Date of Ratification December 2004



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