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Annual Meeting Summary
Creighton University, Omaha Nebraska
October 13-15, 2006

Fourteen of seventeen members, two observers (Canada and Jesuit Curia), and a staff member of the Jesuit Conference attended the 2006 annual meeting.

The following actions were taken:

  1. A list of three postulata for the 35th General Congregation was written and accepted for recommending to Provinces and the Father General.
    1. That regional orders of studies be revised so that they reflect the commitment of the Society to interreligious dialogue and that the studies involve contact with competent scholars and contact with members of other religions, if possible through an immersion experience.
    2. Building upon previous decrees of the Society, that the promotion of Christian unity becomes an essential aspect of the mission of the Society.
    3. Consistent with General Congregation 34, that the apostolate for interreligious dialogue, especially regarding Islam, becomes a priority of the Society.
  1. An interreligious institute for Jesuits and those involved in Jesuit ministries was planned for July 22-30, 2007, Georgetown University. The institute will be an intensive examination of Catholic and Jesuit sources for interreligious dialogue, introduction to Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and American traditional religions with a summary of current Catholic-Jewish relations, and discussion of pastoral topics. Those interested should contact John Borelli,
  1. The Board received a report on “Engaging Particularities, New Directions in Comparative Theology, Interreligious Dialogue, Theology of Religions, and Missiology,” the annual conference of graduate students at Jesuit institutions and other schools of higher education. The Board enthusiastically endorsed the next Engaging Particularities graduate students conference set for Boston College, March 20-April 1, 2007. There is a December 1, 2006, deadline in the call for papers. Information on the conference and abstracts from Advisory Board member, Karen Enriquez,
  1. An initiative to convene Jesuits and those involved in Jesuit ministries among Native Americans was discussed and will be considered for implementation in spring 2007.
  1. A subcommittee of persons involved in high school education will prepare a questionnaire to increase the resource potential of the high school project location on the Jesuits Interreligious Dialogue and Relations website, The point of the questionnaire would be to collate and disseminate information how Jesuit high schools address religious pluralism in all aspects of student life.
  1. A special effort will be undertaken by Dr. John Borelli, national coordinator for interreligious dialogue and relations for the USA Jesuit Conference, to develop a job description with the representatives of the ten USA Jesuit provinces for the province representative and to explore ways for maintaining regular communication among the province representatives.
  1. Tom Michel, SJ, Secretary for Interreligious Dialogue, Jesuit Curia, gave an extensive report on his activities, especially in convening Jesuits involved in relations with Jews, Muslims, ecumenical relations with various Christian groups and in encouraging assistancies in developing programs for interreligious dialogue and relations. Fr. Michel spoke in detail on his plans to convene a group of Jesuits involved in Jewish relations in New York at Fordham University, July 25-30, 2007, and a group of Jesuits involved in relations with Jews and Jesuits involved in relations with Muslims, by invitation, at Georgetown University, August 1-5, 2007. Inquires should be directed to Fr. Michel,
  1. A report was given by Paul Macke, S.J., USA Secretary for Pastoral Ministries, on broad developments and interests of the Jesuit Provincials and their particular interests in the work of the advisory board. A report was also given by Joseph Horrigan, S.J., on activities and developments in Canada. Individual reports from province representatives and specialists on the Advisory Board were received. Dr. Borelli also gave his annual report to the Advisory Board and sought counsel on improving the “Jesuits and Interreligious Dialogue” column in National Jesuit News and on other matters, especially continuing projects.

For further information contact: John Borelli, Georgetown University, 202 687-4936,


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