Responses to Fr. Clooney's Inquiry
on Current Efforts at Interreligious Dialogue
in Jesuit Apostolates

In June, 2000, the head of the committee, Fr. Clooney, began to make a wider set of contacts by sending letters ( letter template ) to the directors of retreat and spirituality centers, the chairs of religion departments and heads of campus ministry in Jesuit high schools, the directors of campus ministry at the colleges and universities, and select professors in the college and university Theology and Religious Studies Departments around the country. In each letter, Fr. Clooney introduced the general issue of mission and interreligious dialogue in Jesuit related ministries, requested information on relevant programs and data, and also the names of individuals at those institutions particularly interested in interreligious dialogue at any level. While some replies were brief acknowledgments of the letter, others were more ample and informative, and we have included them below. In time and based on further responses to the initial letters and in reaction to this Dialogue website, we will continue to post similar "reports from the field." It is our hope that these reports will provide a useful and interactive site for our ongoing conversations on mission and interreligious dialogue.


Research and Spirituality Centers


High School Religion Departments and Campus Ministry Offices


College and University Campus Ministry


Professors of Religions and Comparative and Intercultural Studies at Universities and Colleges



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