Boston College

Boston College is in the process of establishing the Center for Christian-Jewish Learning. It is a response to the Church's call for Catholic universities to assist in the ongoing reconciliation and growth in mutual understanding between the Christian and Jewish communities.

The Center is dedicated to promoting substantive theological dialogue between Christians and Jews on several levels. In addition to regular speakers on relevant topics, the Center hosts an annual invitational conference that brings together Jewish and Christian scholars to study particular topics. The first such conference in 2000 was entitled, "Setting the Agenda for the 21st Century: The Next Stage of Jewish and Christian Dialogue." This year's conference will examine "Liturgical Issues in Christian-Jewish Relations."

The Center is also committed to bringing together Jewish and Christian professors and students to study their religious traditions in each other's presence. A number of courses following this "interreligious learning" format, as it has been named by Dr. Mary Boys [Union Theological Seminary in New York] and Dr. Sara Lee [Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion in Los Angeles], have already been offered and many more are being developed. In these courses, we are blessed by collaboration with professors from nearby academic institutions such as the Andover-Newton Theological School, Brandeis University, and Hebrew College. Dialogues in the regional community and even in cyberspace are also being planned.

For detailed information about the Center's current and projected activities, please visit its website at

Philip Cunningham
Professor of Theology

Created: October 4, 2000 Updated: March 6, 2001