Boston College

Boston College is positioning itself to become a major center of Christian Jewish dialogue. We have been working for several years to develop a Center for Christian Jewish Learning. It looks like the center will be formally launched in the near future with a substantial endowment. This center has the goal of stimulating dialogue among academicians by creating a faculty presence, enabling visiting faculty to spend their sabbaticals researching and discussing issues of dialogue, and by holding regular scholars' conferences. Another objective is to teach students at Boston College and in the consortium, the Boston Theological Institute, to themselves be involved in dialogue through relevant courses and opportunities for dialogue. These courses ideally will themselves be dialogue opportunities, co-taught by a Jewish and a Christian professor and with a mixture of students in the class. Finally, the center will be involved as a resource and participant for various types of community programs in Jewish-Christian relations. It also is sponsoring a major website of relevant primary documents. All of these programs are described in more detail on the center's website,

In addition, and coming under the aegis of the center, is the Boston College Jewish-Christian-Muslim Trialogue, described at

I should also say that life as a professor of Jewish Studies in a Theology department at a Jesuit university is a constant experience of dialogue!

Ruth Langer
Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies
Boston College

Created: October 4, 2000 Updated: March 4, 2001