Xavier University

February 14, 2001

Dear Fr. Clooney:

In response to your request for information about religious diversity on the Xavier University campus, I am sending you this summary of our connections with other than Roman Catholic students.

Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio reflects a diverse religious population in students, faculty, staff and administration.

Campus Ministry’s service is geared to undergraduates. While our staff members are all Roman Catholic, we provide students of different faith traditions with information about local Christian, Jewish, and Muslim communities in the Cincinnati area. We have established a relationship with these faith communities, and each year we publish a list of them and the contact person for each.

Several of the contacts are with campus ministries at the nearby University of Cincinnati. The Assembly of God, the Baptist Student Union Collegiate Ministry at U.C. and the Hillel Jewish Center all have made contact with Xavier students of their tradition and offered their services. Representatives have come to campus to meet with XU students here. We have personal relationships with the leaders of these UC centers. The Cincinnati Christian Center, a Pentecostal church contacted us in the middle of the last semester and began to establish a connection on campus. This year we added the Greek Orthodox Church to our list, and the Methodists and Lutherans have indicated, recently, that they would like to develop closer ties with students at Xavier.

Working with the International Students Office, we established a place on campus where Muslim students can pray during the day. The Navigators,a non-denominational Christian ministry organization, have a group of XU students who meet on campus on a regular basis. We have an ongoing relationship with the moderator of the Navigators at UC who also oversees the Xavier contingent. Campus Ministry programs are open to all students. Several retreats have been led by students who are not Roman Catholic.

Outside Campus Ministry, there are several interreligious connections. Each of the past three years at Thanksgiving, the Office of Spiritual Development sponsored an ecumenical prayer service. Christians, Jews and Muslims all took part in this event. The Brueggeman Center for Interreligious Dialogue [http://www.xu.edu/brueggeman_center/] will serve as an umbrella for a variety of current and new programs designed to foster understanding across religious boundaries. The first public event of this center was the Millenium Peace Celebration in September, 2000 hosted by Xavier in the new Cintas Center.

Sincerely yours, Tom Sheibley, Associate Director Xavier University Campus Ministry

Created: October 4, 2000 Updated: March 6, 2001