Hi Frank,

Peace of Christ! And greetings from Rockhurst High School.

I'm responding to your June 23 letter about religious diversity at our school...

1. The Extent of Religious Diversity on Campus: Rockhurst High School has just under 1000 students (all boys). About 75% of our students are Catholic, and the other 25% are mostly Protestant. According to our Admissions Office, we have a total of 5 students who list their religion as something other than Christian--One Jewish, one Hindu, and three Muslim students. All of our Faculty & Staff are Catholic or Protestants, but I do not have a breakdown of the numbers. All of our Campus Ministry programs are directed to Christians and particularly Catholics. We do not have any special programs for people of other faiths.

2. Pluralism and Catholics: The Catholics in our school community are affected in their thinking and spirituality by their encounters with non-Catholic Christians. Students in Junior-year Theology classes make an annual visit to our neighboring synagogue, but we have few encounters with other religious traditions.

3. Campus Ministry Staff: The Campus Ministry staff is comprised of Catholics only.

4. Contact Person: I would be happy to serve as the contact person. You can reach me at school (816)363-2036 x540 or via e-mail at gmenard@rockhursths.edu

Best of luck with your research!

Yours in Christ, Gary

Created: September 2, 2000 Updated: September 2, 2000