Thomas Masterson, SJ
University of Scranton


The University of Scranton is perhaps of marginal interest to you since this is just about as Catholic a city and univeristy as there is in the AJCU. We are about 85% R.C.; no other individual group has even 2%. Almost all of the non-Christians are in the Graduate School (students) and faculty. A couple of quick notes: last year at our AJCU conference I polled the schools present about having an on-campus mosque (ours is transforming graduate admissions although that is not why I established it), programming in the mosque and who is admitted. The results were sent to your C.M. Director by Lucien Roy with the minutes of the meeting.

Secondly, for more than two decades I have been the organizing person for the interfaith ministerial group of the central city. It is through them that we run organized programs (well over a dozen denominations have churches, etc. within walking distance and the Methodist diocese HQ is actually on-campus.) Thirdly, we do have an endowed Jewish chair. Fourth, despite one of the country's strongest Jewish communities, especially conservative and orthodox, the largest "minority" population in the city and university is probably Hindu. The major dialogue here has been the historic, and for this area extremely significant, agreement between the Polish National Church and ourselves; there was real anger and near-hatred there, and it has turned to complete respect. Finally, the diocese also has been the leader in a 12-county ecumenical (not interfaith) dialogue; so far I haven't been able to do anything but publicize it and recruit people from churches I am close to.

I'll get back to this and send you the University's Strategic Plan on Diversity.

Tom Masterson, S.J. , Vice President for University Ministry