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July 6, 2000

Dear Francis,

Let me respond briefly to the questions that you posed for me. First of all, the Spiritual Center here at Wernersville has proven to be a spiritual home for many non-Catholics. This percentage continues to grow. So we have quite a number of non-Catholic Christians coming to our Center for retreats and many of the programs that we sponsor. There are a few in the group of 13 who are beginning the 30-day retreat this summer.

We do not have many people at all coming to the Center who are non-Christian. As of now, we do not sponsor any programs that would highlight religious traditions other than the Christian. So we have almost no experience of people coming to the Center whose religious commitment is other than Christian. For this reason, we do not have any members of our staff who would be particularly interested in religious traditions other than the Christian. Fr. George Williams, SJ does a fair amount of ecumenical work with Christian, non-Catholic denominations. He could be a good contact person for you in the future.

Thank you for gathering the responses that you receive from this inquiry. I am sure that the variety of response will somehow enrich the work of all of us in the Society in the United States. May God bless you in this new role.

United in Christ, George Aschenbrenner, SJ

Created: October 4, 2000 Updated: October 4, 2000