Dear Frank:

I have been director of the retreat house for just a little over a year now. One of the most evident things we do for interreligious dialogue is our Zen retreats under the direction of Roshe, Fr. Robert Kennedy, S.J., of St. Peter's College. We recently turned one of our rooms into a Zendo. A group meets there on Wednesday and another for beginners on Thursday. The Zendo, like our Chapel is open during the week for people to come and sit. Fr. Kennedy helps us to promote this aspect of the dialogue with Buddhism.

We also offer hospitality to other non-Catholic groups. Our 12-Step programs are interfaith.

I have recently been asked to be on the board of advisors for "The Sophia Center" of the diocese of Rockville Center ( The director, Fr. Robert Smith is very interested in this work. I hope that my service on the board will help me to become more aquainted with possibilities for the retreat house to plug into interreligious dialogue.

In May a benefactor will go to Lassalle-Haus in Bad Schonbrunn, Switzerland for an interreligious conference. So some things are happening here. I hope this helps.

Joe Costantino, S.J.
St. Ignatius Retreat House
251 Searingtown Road
Manhasset, NY 11030