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August 25, 2000

Dear Frank,

Let me try to focus on each of your areas:

A. Range of Religious Diversity: The weekend programs here at Loyola are divided just about equally between D.C. and Arlington diocesan parish, retreats (and other weekend programs conducted by our staff) and weekend programs which we simply host (e.g., Engaged Encounter, AA, Secular Orders, local diocesan priests, etc.) Our facilities during the week are used by many groups, including local Protestant churches and occasionally some non-Christian groups. However, other than hosting, we have little direct input to these programs. On the other hand, we do have a good many non-Catholic Christians coming for Days of Recollection, spiritual direction, etc. One of our staff members, for example, regularly directs five Episcopalians (two of whom are priests) and two Presbyterians. We also have some special programs (usually conducted by returned Indian missionaries) designed to share eastern and particularly Indian spirituality with our clientele. In short, the range is primarily ecumenical with occasional widening to the inter-religious level.

B. Particular Programs: Other than the types noted above, we are not running any programs which draw heavily upon other religious traditions.

C. Staff Members:
Fr. Frank Miles, S.J., long time spiritual director here and previously at Wernersville, has strong ecumenical interests. His experience has been primarily with the Episcopalian and Anglican traditions.
Fr. Tim Stephens, S.J., ordained in 1999, is completing his D.Min. from Andover-Newton and has interest in this area.

D. Contact Person:
Fr. Frank Miles would probably be the best contact here.

I hope that the above helps, Frank.

Sincerely, Thomas F. Gleeson, S.J.

Created: October 4, 2000 Updated: October 4, 2000