I'm running the Jesuit Retreat House here in Los Altos, and this is in response to your June 23 letter - I'm a month late getting back to you.

We don't do an awful lot. There is a small (20-25) group of Episcopalians that make an annual retreat here; a large (100) group of undefined denominational status - but extremely spiritual - who always book a weekend for prayer; a group of about 20 Quakers will make a retreat in October; a local clergy group of different denominations uses our place periodically for meetings (I belong to it); a group of Buddhists has used it in the past. We have, as a matter of fact, been getting more and more inquiries from different non-Catholic religious groups about the possibility of their coming here, but it is hard because they usually want the weekend, and we are pretty full on weekends.

We don't have any programs specifically geared for other religious traditions. It should be noted, perhaps, that many non-Catholics attend our weekend retreats, especially the Alcohol Recovery retreats, the Grief and Abuse retreats, Couples' retreats, etc.

At the present time, no one on our staff is involved in any work with other religious traditions.

I hope this is helpful.

Bill Rewak, S.J.
El Retiro San Inigo
Jesuit Retreat House
30 Manresa Way
Los Altos, CA 94022

Created: September 2, 2000 Updated: September 2, 2000