Fr. Clooney,

In response to your email I submit the following from Regis University:

There are two of us (in a department of 5 full time faculty) that regularly teach courses related to religions other than Christianity, Dr. Randy Lumpp and me. I primarily deal with Asian religion, principally Chinese and Japanese; Dr. Lumpp does a variety of things, but most often deals with Native American religious traditions.

The meaning of the second question is unclear, but if you are asking if there is any problem with teaching these religions -- there is none whatsoever.

I suppose such a meeting might be of some use, but frankly, I do not know when I would get the time to attend or make any meaningful contribution to such a meeting.

Sincerely (but hurriedly)

Fr. Lester Bundy
Professor and co-chair Religious Studies, Regis University
October, 2000