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Our Mission and Interreligious Dialogue site is intended to provide documentation on activities and ideas related to dialogue in Jesuit-related ministries in the United States, but of course we are participants in a much larger conversation. This page guides the user to further internet resources relevant to dialogue. If you know of interreligious dialogue pages which are not linked to this index, please send us the URL for the page and a short description to and we will gladly post it to this site.

Indexes of Religious Pluralism

Fr. William Harmless, S.J.: Fr. Harmless of Creighton University provides us with an extraordinarily comprehensive bibliography of spirituality and the World Religions.

Graduate Theological Union: The Graduate Theological Union's Flora Lamson Hewlett Library provides a comprehensive index of materials on Ecumenical and Interfaith-Dialogue Resources.

Jeffrey Hadden's Page at the University of Virginia is dedicated to the study of religious movements on the web and around the world.

World Religions on the Web: this index of sites relevant to the study of world religions is maintained at the Cross Currents web site.

Christian Responses to Muslim Questions: This homepage offers you the opportunity to read online the book „Christian Responses to Muslim Questions“. In addition the homepage shall list further questions from readers concerning the book and about Christianity and Christian-Muslim Relations in general.


OneWorld: Founded at St. Louis University in 2006, the goal of the organization is to actively engage differences and work together to promote personal transformation and social change. OneWorld exists to rediscover that while we are many in our cultures, religions, and struggles, we are one in our common humanity.

Ture East: Boston College Associate Theology Professor John Makransky is a lama in the lineage of Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche. This is an article on him published in the Boston College Magazine, Winter 2002.

The Assisi Project is sponsored by the Jesuits of Canada and focuses on interreligious dialouge and justice. There is also an Assisi Family Center located in Toronto.

The Ecumenical Institute for Jewish-Chirstian Studies: This organization, located in Michigan, promotes Jewish Christian dialogue. Its website reports on its activities and provides a bibliography on Jewish-Christian relations.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: This organization sponsors this web page as part of its efforts in Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs. The page provides information on this office as well as links to dialogue partners and others involved in Interreligious Dialogue and Ecumenism.

Service International de Documentation Judéo-Chrétienne This organization provides documents and other educational resources in the service of Jewish Christian dialogue. The web site itself is mulit-lingual and there are monetary charges for the retrieval of some of its extensive documents in its archives. Some documents are archived electronically and are retrievable directly through the web site.

Office of Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations: This page, produced by the Episcopal Church of the United States, provides links to information on interfaith initiatives by the Episcopal Church and other organizations. There is also a page of links and bibliographic recommendations.

Christian Jewish Relation and Encounter: This organization is headed by the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion to promote interreligoius dialogue in accord with the wishes of the Second Vatican Council.

The Society for Christians and Jews in the Czech Republic: This site, largely in Czech, provides information on this society's activities. There is also a page in English describing the activities of the Society.

International Council of Christians and Jews: This site reports on the activities of this council, providing resources, articles, statements, and links to further information.

The Council of Christians and Jews: This organization based in the United Kindgom provides venues for dialogue between Christians and Jews. Their web site proides information about the organization, articles, a bibliography, and opportunities for study tours.

Interfaith Encounter Association: This site promotes peace in the Middle East through interfaith dialogue and cultural encounter. The site provides information on its various activities.

The Society for Hindu-Christian Studies: This is an organization for scholars and others interested in the study of Hinduism, Christianity, and the interrelations between these two religious traditions. The site contains information about the Society, information on joining its listserv list (HCS-L), electronic copies of the Hindu-Christian Studies Bulletin, and other material related to Hindu-Christian studies.

The Los Angeles Catholic Buddhist Dialogue Site: This is the official web page for a Catholic Buddhist dialogue which began February 16, 1989 and is sponsored by the Buddhist Sangha Council of Southern California and the Catholic Office of Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs. The site provides transcripts of the actual dialogues as well as general information on interreligious dialogue and the history of this specific dialogue group.

Monastic Interreligious Dialogue (MID): This site is sponsored by the North American Benedictine and Cistercian monasteries of men and women. The group was established in 1978 to assume a leadership role in the dialogue between Christianity and the great religions of the East, in cooperation with all others engaged in this dialogue. The site contains information on the organization, a newsletter, as well as book reviews.

The North American Interfaith Network: This site provides insight on interfaith activities throughout North America as well as information on the organization itself. One can also find articles on interfaith initiatives and links to other sites on religions and other interfaith organizations.

Academic Institutes

Tannebaum Center for Interreligious Understanding: This non-sectarian organization works to promote interreligious dialogue and tolerance. The web site provides information on the center's activities as well as links to other organizations.

The Joseph Cardinal Bernadine Center: This instutute, located at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, is charged with the promotion of interreligoius dialouge and ecumenism, with a particular focus on Jewish Christian relations. The web site provides information on the institute and its scholarship programs.

Jay Phillips Center for Jewish-Christian Learning: Saint John's University and the University of St. Thomas sponsor this Institute. Their web page describes the history and mission of the institute. The web page also lists publications produced by this institute.

Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding: Sponsored at Muhlenberg College, this page provides information on the history and purpose of this institute. The site also provides an on-line newsletter.

Graduate Department of Jewish-Christian Studies: Seton Hall University offers in graduate degree in Jewish Christian Studies and provides this informational web page on their course of studies.

Hayyim H. Kieval Institute for Jewish-Christian Studies: This page, located at Siena College, New York, provides information on this Institute operated at the college.

The Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies: Located in Baltimore, Maryland, this independent instute promotes educational programs to disarm religious hatred and promote models of interreligious communications.

The Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding: Located at Sacred Heart University, this web page gives information on this Center as well as an archive of documents on Christian Jewish relations and a page of related links.

The Pluralism Project: Diana Eck, Professor of Religious Studies at Harvard University and author of the recent *A New Religious America* (Harper SanFrancisco) has collected and organized a wealth of information on religious diversity in America today. The *Pluralism Project* website introduce the project and available source materials.

Centre for the History of Religions, Inter-Faith Dialogue and Pluralism: This new interdisciplinary Centre was established by the Senate of the University of Leicester on 5 June 1996 and is directed by The Revd Professor Richard Bonney. The University offers a MA in Pluralism and Cultural Identity. The site provides information on the Centre as well as links and other resources.

The Brueggeman Center for Interreligious Dialogue: Linked with the Xavier University Department of Theology, the Center privides a variety of programs and activities designed to foster understanding across religious boundaries.

University of San Diego Lance Nelson, Professor of Religious Studies at the University of San Diego, maintains for educational purposes at USD and as a service to the wider academic community a rich set of links of sites around the world which aid scholars and students in the study of religions.

Wabash College The Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion has developed a website which is a selective, annotated guide to a wide variety of electronic resources of interest to those who are teaching or studying religion and theology at the undergraduate or graduate level. The basic principle of organization used here is the course area heading. Under these headings, one will find materials divided into types: syllabi, electronic texts, electronic journals, websites, bibliographies, listserv discussion groups, and (for some pages) liturgical resources. These material types may also be browsed on their own pages. Information is also provided on ways in which electronic resources may be integrated into teaching.

Comparative Theology Page at Boston College Boston College's Theology Department is traditionally a strong center for the study of the Catholic and Christian traditions. It also offers, for undergraduate and graduate students, courses, lectures, discussions and other events which foster the ideal of comparative theology: patiently and carefully studying another religious tradition, and allowing what one learns to affect one¹s understanding of one¹s own tradition as well.

Center for Christian-Jewish Learning at Boston College: This Institute is dedicated to the growth of new and mutually enriching relationships between Christians and Jews. This website offers educational and dialogical aids, theological articles, official documents, and program information.

Saint Francis Xavier
The 450th anniversary of the death of St. Francis Xavier, the first Jesuit missionary in Asia, gave us an opportunity to reflect on the missionary tradition of the Church, particularly in light of Jesuit missionary history. We cannot, of course, simply mimic or repeat patterns of missionary work devised hundreds of years ago: the world and the Church have changed greatly, a commitment to dialogue is essential to our ministries as Christians today, and we are called particularly to reflect on the religious pluralism of our own country, the United States. But we are still wise not to lose sight of the lessons of our history. These two sites collect many resources on Francis Xavier:

For an overview of the Jesuit missionary tradition and the place of Francis Xavier in it, read A Charism for Dialogue by Francis X. Clooney, S.J.

Francis Xavier Information This page provides a short biography of St. Francis Xavier, some photographs of his place of origin, and extensive links to information on Xavier. The page is sponsored by the Jesuit Conference in the United States.

Writings of Xavier This is a letter sent from India to the Society of Jesus at Rome in 1543

Novena in Honor of Xavier This page explains the life of Xavier and offers a guide for nine days of prayer in his honor and memory.

Franz Xaver - Aufbruch in die Welt This page in German commemorates the 450th anniversary of Francis Xavier's death. Many of the items are in English

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