• Football

  • Basketball

  • Wrestling

  • Females (My Girlfriend)

  • Lifting Weights

  • Break Dancing

  • B-Boying

  • Drawing

  • Raping & Singing

  • Mixed Martial Arts (Jujitsu & Boxing)


  • Naggers

  • Irritating People

  • Fake People

  • Non- Fit people

  • Things that break

  • Anacondas

  • People who try to fight me "because I'll win"


  • LSU, Oklahoma

Travel Interests

  • Oklahoma, and Atlanta

UBQ : Why do you want to be I Upward Bound ?

  • " Because it will further my education and influence my peers, and I can become more of a learner, also it's a great opportunity for me to experience a better learning environment..." He also said "  I believe that I will become a better person by opening up more than i usually do. Above my normal quiet serious attitude. Upward Bound is helping me with these situations."