Problems Co Dependency has created

    Technology had and been played an important role in our life.  It had help us out in many ways but also give us many problems.  It had made our world dirty and cover in pollution.  Global warming is one of the problem that cause by the different technology.  Cars is the cause of air pollution because of all the smoke and all the poisons gases.  Also, the smoke and the waste water that come from all the manufactures had killed many lives. 


    Technology also make kids and teenagers eyesight and hearing weaken.  Like kids rather stay and play on their computer or there games instead of going out-side.  the teenager had turn on the music so loud that it was harm to there ear slowly and they don't really knowing it.  This will also give the student to have to opportunities to take class online but that will make them more lazy by staying home and not go to school.  That is not really good because even thought it will be faster but the student might not be concentrated as they are in school than at home because they might study with there music on or some things else will distract them.

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