The HIV Alphabet

By St. Jude kids

A is for Aches that you have all the time

B is for Bad to get sick all the time

C is for Coughing

D is for Drugs that you have to take

E is for Effort for fighting your disease

F is for Fighting the bad virus you have

G is for the Good cells to fight the bad virus

H is for HIV

I is for the Immune System

J is for “Jump” for taking your medicine

K is for Keeping us healthy

L is for Long-lasting life

M is for Many, many medications

N is for Nothing can put you down

O is for Opposite people who don’t take all their medicines

P is for People with HIV

Q is for Quality of life

R is for Research to find a cure

S is for Standing out in a crowd

T is for Terrible, terrible disease to have

U is for Unique children

V is for Virus

W is for Wise kids with HIV who take their meds

X is for Xtra-ordinary kids with HIV

Y is for Youth

Z is for Zinging through life with zero illness